Everything You Need to Know About Each Flavor of FaroMia

When purchasing a new snack, like our FaroMia almond dips, it's natural to want to learn more about the product you're putting in your body. 

To start, if you haven't read our last blog post about stabilizers, check it out to learn more about what makes the FaroMia texture and consistency the way that it is (hint: we do not use ANY stabilizers or additives in our dips!). 

As a general rule of thumb, FaroMia dips need to be thoroughly stirred upon first opening to fully re-incorporate all of the healthy oils, herbs, and spices and give you the best taste possible. That being said, each flavor will vary slightly because each flavor is made up of different ingredients! 

Here's everything you need to know about the four flavors: 

1. Sicilian Spice - this flavor is full of multiple herbs and spices to give you that perfect spicy kick. These dried herbs will sink to the bottom, so please use a fork or spoon to fully scrape the bottom of the container and mix well. 

2. Truffle Herb - in addition to olive oil and a few staples like garlic and salt, this flavor uses dried rosemary and truffle oil. Because there are fewer herbs than Sicilian and an additional oil with the truffle, Truffle Herb might be slightly less thick than Sicilian. But it still needs a good stir to mix in the dried rosemary at the bottom of the container! 

3. Maple Vanilla - both Maple Vanilla and Dark Chocolate are lightly and naturally sweetened with dates. The date powder will thicken these flavors just slightly. 

4. Chocolate - Chocolate will be the most firm and thick of the four flavors. Wondering why? Well, think about your favorite chocolate bar: it's solid at room temperature. Because we don't use any emulsifiers to modify the natural form of chocolate, this flavor will tend to be on the firmer side. It's only natural!